SMH Half Marathon

Quick race report from the weekends half marathon:


* Cool, overcast
* Weight – 83kg

Alarm rudely went off at 5am and after knocking back a bowl of porridge, cup of tea and 3 glasses of water I ran a kilometre to Chatswood Station and caught the train to Town Hall. A quick pee at the station then I headed over to the blue section and waited 10 minutes for the race to start. By the time the race started I was desperate for another pee but had to hold on until the race was over. Not ideal.

I was about 20 metres back from the start so it took a few seconds to cross the start line. There was a fair bit of pushing and scrambling as people sorted themselves out and then it was cruise time.

The main goal for the day was to finish in under 80 minutes and for it to feel comfortable.

I went through the first 10km in 37.11 in 113th place.

There were a few small inclines here and there which I quite enjoyed. I found myself easily passing other runners on these raises which always feels good.

I attempted to grab a plastic cup of Gatorade soon after the halfway point but only managed half a mouthful. I didn’t bother trying again so ended up running the race on oxygen alone which was fine.

The second 10km was over in 37.16 and I had moved up to 77th place.

Over the last kilometre I put a bit of effort in to pass as many people as I could and I ended up pipping Mick Miles to the post!

78.16 and 70th place (3.43’s). Happy with the result and I’m feeling good about Gold Coast. I think if I had gone all out I may have been able to duck under 77 minutes but its easy to say that after the event.

After a quick drink and a banana I ran 10km home in 46.30 to make it 31.1km for the day in 2hrs 4mins (4.00’s).

Just a little soreness today so just the standard 13.7km commute in a pedestrian 1hr 4 (4.42’s)

There won’t be a lot of running for the rest of the week as I’m off to Singapore for work and womt have the time. (I’m not an early morning runner)

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