Quiet week of training

Due to work commitments this week I’ve only managed to post a couple of runs.

Monday was the standard 13.7km commute. I was then overseas all week and only managed a gentle 4km on Friday to ease myself back into it. My calves were feeling pretty sore from last weeks half so a few days off was fine by me.

Saturday was 10km I’m 38.19 (3.50’s). After a slow start I sped up and finished strong.

Sunday was intended to be 36km but I woke feeling rough and congested. Was tempted to turn off my alarm and lie in but managed to force myself up as my mate fancied cycling along on my fixie.

The route was from North Willoughby to Manly and back. I decided to turn around at the 15km mark which I hit it 1hr 3min as my mate was suffering on the fixie – it’s easier to run than cycle! Half marathon mark was hit in 1hr 28 and I pushed on to get home in 2.05.30 for a 30 second negative split (4.11’s). Not a flat course by any means so I was pleased. Just took a little water with me and didn’t have any breakfast beforehand. I didn’t experience any energy slumps and felt like I had plenty in the tank. Not sure how many gels to have during the marathon.

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