Same old, same old….

I haven’t updated this for a while as I haven’t done anything particularly exciting.

I put my back out the other week so the last couple of weeks have been 85km and 75km respectively. Quite low but not too concerning. Im injury free and running well.

The highlight of last week was running from home to Centennial Park and clocking a 1hr 20 half marathon in the process. This felt stupidly easy and gives me some real confidence going into the Gold Coast Marathon. I finished that run feeling as though I could have easily held that pace for another 10km at least….another half?? Maybe….

SMH Half Marathon this Sunday. I’m in with the masses so don’t expect to start too quickly. Not too fussed about the time. Pretty confident I’ll beat my official pb of 1.21 set last year. The aim is to finish strong and quicker than the first half.

Today I popped out for a quick 5km. Ended up throwing down my quickest km yet – my 3rd km being 2.58. Finally under the 3 minute barrier. Not that I’ve tried to do that before but a nice milestone to tick off.

Wish I was running TNF100 this weekend. Gonna be a cracker of a race!

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