I moved to Australia from England in August 2009 and took up running at the same time as a way to keep fit. As the mileage has increased and the races have built up, my passion for the sport has grown and grown.

My running goals for the next 5 years are simple – To run consistently, stay injury free, experience a broad range of races in beautiful locations and oh, to run a sub 2.40 marathon.

I have a big love for ultra distance races and this part of running fascinates me. At the same time I am beginning to migrate more towards the shorter events as I look to ever improve over the ultra distances.

I also have a bit of a shoe fetish and I find the latest running gear too irresistible to pass up….

This website was created for 2 reasons. Firstly as a place to record all my races and secondly as a training diary. My hope is the information contained here, as unscientific as it is, provides other runners with useful insight for their own training needs.

We are all an experiment of one and we should listen to everyone but follow no one. What works for one person may not work for another. The beauty and attraction of running is that there are so many theories and training methods out there and the fun is continually experimenting to find out what works best for you.

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  1. My name is Barry Walton ~ I am an avid athlete as well as a film maker working on a new film of the making of (arguably) the toughest ultra on earth. I came across your website and your work in ultras and wanted to contact you see if you can help me promote a fundraiser that I am in the middle of to help make this project as epic as the story.

    Two years ago in 2010, I started following the making of the toughest/highest race in the world and have been working for 2 years now to build this piece. Over that time I have researched, traveled to India, filmed, and am now in the midst of editing, structuring, and working to get this finalized and up to a professional level for viewing and festivals. To help I have started a Kickstarter fund raising campaign with plans to raise $5000 in 40-days (or we don’t get any of it). The goal here is to help with recreations, further interviews, and editing. Below I am sending you a link where you can view the Kickstarter page with a short (7-minute) video, which has a trailer, further explanation of the project, and a teaser at the end. You will also find further information on the project itself that opens up more of what I am working to do and the rewards of what I am giving back.

    All that being said, all forms of help are welcomed. Promoting it on your page, blog, telling friends and/or contributing are equally appreciated and of great help in reaching our goal and making this project great.

    GO HERE FOR THE FREE FILM – $5000 IN 40-DAYS – KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thehighdoc/the-high-backtrack-the-impossible

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to consider.

    Best regards,


  2. Hi Ian, if you are interested in shorter events, perhaps you’d be interested in joining my team in the SMH Half Marathon this May? Our team is ‘Running for Premature Babies’ and is a fantastic team for a really great cause in memory of my baby triplets. We have some excellent runners on the team (the team record is 82.37 minutes), and we have loads of fun. If you are interested, have a look at my website http://www.runningforprematurebabies.com

  3. Ian,

    Not sure if this your email address I have in the UK is still active, but thought I would give it a go and also leave a message here. I recently got a letter from Mike, who said you were going to be in Melbourne on 13th October for the marathon. I shall also be there, although not doing the marathon after some achilles tendonitis a few weeks after the Freycinet trail run. After a few weeks of “resting”, I finally gave up and stopped running completely. Now settled, but it put the kibosh on entering the marathon. Might do the 5K instead!!

    Anyway, as we are both in Melbourne, I wondered if we would be able to catch up. Mel & I are there Friday & Saturday, going to a show Sat night, but otherwise have no plans. Liam will be coming to join us on Sunday, and we will be free after the run until we leave later that evening. If you & Phil are free sometime it would be great to meet up, however briefly.


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