SIDS Stampede

SIDS Stampede is organised by the Richmond Runners club and is a nice little event run around the quiet country roads of Windsor.

I was in for the half and Phill in the 5km.

This race was an experiment as I was going to run entirely by feel. Im normally so focussed on an arbitary time so I wanted to see how i’d perform using this method. I still wore my garmin so i could review after the race, but i flipped it upside down on race day.

Going into the race, i thought 76 minutes would be a top result given my lack of speed work.

After a quick first kay, I settled into it and ran at a pace I thought I could maintain for the entire race. There was a lead bicycle showing me the route so I just concentrated on that. My cadence felt good and I was enjoying it. At the halfway turn around Wayne Calvert was about a minute or so back and looking good. We high fived and settled back into it.
Effort levels felt the same and it was fun seeing all the other runners.

77.16 for the finish which wasnt all that bad, not magical but I felt damn good at the end. Looking at my splits at the end I was getting quicker and quicker as the race progressed so it was a fair negative split.

This was one of the most enjoyable races and I think that boils down to the fact that I wasnt chasing a time, just running for fun. Had I looked at my watch towards the end I may have been able to sneak under 77 but who cares.

Special mention to Phill for her run too – she looked great out there and fresh at the finish!

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