M7 Marathon – 2015

This is just a quick race report before i forget the day entirely.
The M7 was my first ever marathon and remember battling on to a 2.48 finsh which I was quite surprised with.

Since then, I’ve run a 2.41 at Gold Coast and a 2.34 last year at Melbourne. So I was keen to keep the sub 2.50 streak alive.

I entered this race a week before, certainly not a goal race by any stretch. After doing more hill work than ever and no fast stuff I thought this would be a good test.

The strategy was to get to half way feeling comfortable and then hopefully push for home if I was feeling ok. Well thats what happened. 82 minutes for halfway and then 80 to the finish. More than happy with 2.42 off the cuff and I think i potentially had a 2.39 in me had I been more aggresive at the start.

As the race bore on i grew in strength so thats a big positive. The legs were lacking in speed but a few weeks of concentrated speed/interval sessions would bring that back – not the focus for this year though as thats not going to do any good at Hounslow!

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