Bare Creek Trail Race – 10km

The last 3 weeks since Melbourne Marathon have been on the easy side running wise. With the 6ft Track Marathon in March I won’t be worrying about getting the miles in until after Christmas – just nice easy running when I went for the next couple of months. Weekly totals have been 53, 80 and 41 kilometers respectively.

Today i lined up for the Bare Creek Trail Race. This is a cool little race in St Ives run on the trails I regularly train on. Generally a tough little course and I was expecting a battle. I last run this a few years ago and paid the price for going out too hard – it was ugly. This year was going to be different.

Unfortunately once I got to the start it turned out that arsonists had started fires in a number of areas on the course during the night so as it was a crime scene a new course was set up – i was impressed the race was still on.

The new course was probably slightly easier with a touch more road.

The start was frantic with an early 3.16 kilometer. My plan was not to go 100%, I wanted to just do enough to win if possible (of course if that meant going all out then i would). I was in about 5th place until the 3 kilometer mark when I thought I’d push on. There was a lot of heavy breathing around me and knowing the course well I knew I’d probably put a fair gap on people during the climb after at the 5km mark. Thats essentially what happened.

I only took one fall so that was a result in itself. I finished up in a touch over 39 minutes with second place another minute back. I even won a Compex Runner muscle stimulation machine!

Running next week will be light on. The house move is taking place on Tuesday and I cannot wait!’burbs here we come!

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