Melbourne Marathon Pre Race Thoughts

So the Melbourne Marathon is almost here. I’m a mixture of excited and nervous,  but that’s a good thing.

The goal at the start of the year was to dip under 2 hours 40 minutes. My fitness after C2K took a nosedive as I took so much need R&R. My first race back  was the Iron Cove 14 kilometer race in March. Essentially a nice flat course and I had to work so hard to average 3.49’s per kilometer. I remember thinking straight after that race that there was no chance in hell that I’d be going under 2hours 40 in Melbourne.

However, over time the fitness increased and my muscle memory improved and I’m now in the position to believe that anything in the range of 2 hours 33 – 2 hours 36 minutes is possible. This is backed up by my 1 hour 13 half marathon in August in which I finished with a bit still left in the tank.

My training goal leading into this marathon was to average 100 kilometers a week. This hasn’t happened. Over the last 16 weeks, excluding October (taper time!) the average has been 83 kilometers a week. However, compared to 2012 where I ran my last PB of 2 hours 41, I’ve run a lot of these training kilometers at marathon pace or faster. In 2012 I also only averaged 70 kilometers a week so there is an improvement all round here.

The plan on Sunday is to keep it simple. I intend to tick off the early kilometers at 3.36 – 3.38 pace and really just try to hold on to that pace for as long as humanly possible. The course looks as though it becomes “hilly” after 30 kilometers which just so happens to be when the marathon starts to hurt – so I’ll be looking forward to seeing how much pain I can tolerate.

I’m fit however my fear is of cramping up in the later stages due to the lack of mileage. I’d be more confident going in with an average of 110 kilometers a week but that will be for another time and there isn’t much I can do about that now.

As long as I don’t do anything silly I should be ok….

4 thoughts on “Melbourne Marathon Pre Race Thoughts

  1. Checked the results when I got home this morning congrats dude you bloody killed it! Never had a doubt you’d get it done ,you’ve been a big inspiration for me this year after what I saw at c2k so stoked to see yougot the rewards for the solid training . well done and enjoy the recovery

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