Another week in the bag

So thats one more step closer to Melbourne Marathon. I finally strung together a pretty decent week by my standards.

Monday/Tuesday – Now spring is upon us my running route home has been extended again by a couple of kilometers as I can now run through the Botanical Gardens. So about 13.5km’s in a little over an hour for both runs.

I took Wednesday off. Not sure why. Makes sense to have a day off somewhere though!

Thursday – My legs were still feeling heavy from the half but I decided to go out and do 14 kilometers at marathon pace. In reality this should be feeling relatively easy at this stage but it buggered me more than the race on Sunday. I really had to work to hit my splits and my hear rate was hovering around the late 170’s for most of the run. In the end I finished up in 50.27 averaging 3.36’s which was a little quick. Stuffed.

Friday – I took it really easy and ran to Phills work (7.97 km’s averaging 4.18’s). I was keeping an eye on the heart rate after yesterday sessions, hovering around 148. Then I walked home with Phill, so another 5.85 kms. Lovely.

Saturday – Up at 5.50am and out the door by 6am. No breakfast just a small glass of water. I decided to run to ParkRun in Mosman which started at 7am. I covered the 11 km’s there averaging 4.14’s then straight into the 5km ParkRun. Its a 3 loop course with a short steep climb at the turnaround. This zaps the legs quite nicely. A group of 3 of use led out the race pretty fast for the first 600 meters or so at about 3.05 pace. We then settled and I gradually pulled away putting in a gap on each of the climbs. Finished up in 17.19 with 2nd place not too far behind. I then ran back home with the aim of finishing up with 7km’s at marathon pace. I got to the park having run 29 kilometers and the heavens had opened up which I was grateful for as this means the park would be fairly empty – no dog hopping! The target pace was to hit 3.40. I thought it might be a challenge with lack of fuel and tired legs but that was the whole idea. At the 2 hour stage in the marathon proper i’m going to be hurting so I wanted to try and replicate that feeling. I ended up feeling really good and average 3.34’s for the 7km effort which was a good confidence boost. 36km’s all up in 2hrs 24 (4.00’s)

Sunday – Phill and I spent the morning looking at French Bulldogs so that was a bit different. We got home this afternoon so I had a chance to run in the sun – 25 degrees today. Awesome! I thought I’d run down to Middle Cove and do an out’n’back on the trail there. 5km’s on the roads there averaging 3.37’s. Legs a little heavy but glad to get the pace up. Slow going on the trail to be expected. A little boggy in parts and my road shoes have zero grip. 4km’s averaging 4.36’s. Then a run to the shops to pick up food. 2kms in 3.54’s. So 11kms’s all up averaging 4.02’s.

That brings my weekly total to a respectable 102 kilometers. The first time since May. More of that next week please

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