Sri Chinmoy Half Marathon – Iron Cove

This week was mainly about keeping the legs fresh for the half marathon pb attempt on Sunday. I was conscious of ensuring I had fully recovered from Glenbrook Marathon so for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I just run easy, monitoring the heart rate and ensuring I was staying in my aerobic zone.

On Thursday I thought I should hit the park and see what I could do in terms of intervals. I haven’t done any interval training in a long long time but on the bus home from work I had decided that 3.10’s per kilometer with a 2 minute rest would be a fair effort.

So a 2 kilometer warm up and I was straight into it. I planned on 6 reps as I didn’t want to overcook myself and to be honest I dont think I could hold that pace for any more reps. They went like this:

3.10, 3.08, 3.08, 3.08, 3.09, 3.09

So really consistent but definitely an effort. The hear rate averaged 180 for the last 3 efforts so it was right up there. In fact I thought I would explode trying to get under 3.10 on the last one.

I took Saturday off and spent most of the day convincing myself that I would run well during the Half.

I was up at 6.45am this morning, had a quick cup of tea and some wheetbix and arrived at the race hub by 7.30 to register and warm up. It was a nice cool and drizzly morning, perfect for running. My warm up consisted of standing around rubbing my hands. I considered actually running but thought I’d just save myself. I felt like a coiled spring.

My pre-race plan was to firstly get a PB – so go under 78 minutes; secondly to try and hit 75 minutes which is where I should be if I want 2.36 in Melbourne and then finally I had been convincing myself to just go out and try and hit 3.30’s for each kilometer for as long as possible for a stretch goal of 73 minutes.

Being a Sri Chinmoy event its all really low key and great value for money. The course is 3 laps of The Bay. Not standard laps as to make 7 kilometers a lap runners need to go around the park in one spot rather than staying on the concrete. I knew this would slow the pace a little as it was boggy and slippery.

The route is open to the public too so plenty of dodging other runners and pram pushers. But thats all part of the experience.

We had to do the extra 100 meters or so at the start to get the .1 in the 21.1 race distance.

Before long we were off and I was running behind a kid for about 500 meters!! I couldn’t quite believe it, I looked at my watch and were running 3.05’s so I eased off and let him go then caught him again after he died on his arse.

This will be a short race report as it all went to plan. I had a mantra in my head which sounds a bit daft but since losing my ipod a couple of months ago I’ve got to think about stuff when I’m running to occupy my mind. So the mantra was: Relax, Maintain, Surge. Given it was 3 laps each part of the mantra was related to each lap. The first lap was all about relaxing into the run and not going bonkers, the 2nd lap was just about maintaining the pace and the last lap was where i’d push.

That’s more or less what happened. Given the people dodging I didn’t do a great job of running the perfect race line so the garmin showed 21.36 kilometers and saw me running through the half mark in 72 minutes! However it could just be that my garmin was out so the official time was 73.42 which I was delighted with. Stretch goal achieved and I crossed the line feeling good.

Mcmillans running calculator predicts that with the right training that my time is the equivalent of a 2.33 marathon. The key part here being the ‘right training’. I know my mileage is way off and could cause some issues in the later stages of the marathon but we’ll see what happens on the day.

74.54 kilometers for the week. No wonder I feel so fresh! My last week hitting 100 kilometers was an anomaly on May 19th.

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