Easy week

Yet another week under 70 kilometers. This is turning into a bit of a habit. I wonder how many runners have gone sub 2.40 averaging 70 kilometers a week..

In my defense this was a recovery week of sorts after Glenbrook last Sunday so I’m not going to stress about it.

I took Monday off and then hit the treadmill to flush out the legs on Tuesday. Just an easy 5km and that seemed to help a lot as I was pretty sore after the race.

I didn’t get around to running on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday involved the typical commute home – 11km’s averaging 4.21’s – 4.25’s.

On Saturday the plan was to just take it easy as I have one eye on the Sri Chinmoy Half Marathon next Sunday. We were looking at house in Normanhurst so I decided to run back from there via St Ives and Frenchs Forest. A few pinchy hills but the pace felt easy enough on the flat stuff and the legs weren’t complaining too much.

The pace was fairly erratic throughout ranging from easy to faster than marathon pace. A nice drizzly afternoon for running but I was glad to be finished at the end. 30.31 kms in 1.58 (3.55’s). I had envisaged averaging 4.20’s but this felt easy enough.

Today I fished out the HR Monitor for the first time in years. I always get so frustrated with the garmin strap as it tends to give spikes and cuts out so I normally give up after a few goes. I’ve been reading Maffetones book which is all about training by heart rate. The idea is to really build up the aerobic system, so by the end of the training period you are running distances faster than you first did but with the same heart rate. It sounds sustainable as you are not thrashing yourself and keeping an eye maintaining your HR in the max aerobic zone which for me is apparently between 145-155 (no higher than 155).

Now all my training of late has been at a good effort, i would guess easily with my HR over 155. I know this isnt a sustainable way to train and after Melbourne i’ll use the Maff method during the long build up phase.

So just 10km’s today. The heart rate creeped over 155 just a couple of times and all in all i managed to maintain it quite well. At times it felt like i was just shuffling along but thats the whole idea. No doubt I would have gone alot faster without it which isnt great for recovery.

So 40 minutes 25 seconds (4.02’s). Not too slow so thats encouraging. Faster kilometer was the 2nd one at 3.41 and my slowest was the 10th at 4.12.

Just 67 kilometers for the week. Next week probably wont be any higher either as I wont run on Saturday to rest before the half on Sunday. I’ve no idea how i’ll go but next week i’ll run with HR monitor to ensure i’m not overreaching so I can go full pelt on Sunday. I’d be chuffed with 75 minutes

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