This seems to be how I roll at the moment. A few days of training here and there, a couple of days off and a hard run at the weekend. I haven’t read about this method in my many running books but it seems to be working out ok at the moment.

A pretty uneventful week. I certainly didn’t come anywhere close to hitting 100km’s for the week but who cares at the end of day.

Monday – nothing
Tuesday – run on a treadmill. Thought i should practice running uphill so the incline wavered between 6-15%. 8 kilometers all up in 47 minutes.
Wednesday – Run to work. Weighed my backpack. 5 kilos! No wonder I hate running during the week. 10.07 km’s in 42.46.
Thursday – nothing
Friday – Almost did nothing. I had planned to run home by ended up having to bring my laptop home so that ruled the commute out. So I dragged myself off to the treadmill. I pulled the pin after 5km’s in 17.40 (3.32’s)
Saturday – After the slack week I had to do the usual, a hard long run. I thought averaging 3.50’s would be an honest effort. There are some reasonable climbs on the route but nothing too outrageous. All relative as I’ve been neglecting hills this year. I felt pretty bouncy and cruised the flats and downhills and had to dig deep on the inclines. No gels or water as usual. 30km’s in 1hr 53 (3.46’s)
Sunday – Given Glenbrook Marathon is next Sunday I thought I should get out on the trails. I head down to Lane Cove and just took it reasonably easy. It had been pouring with rain so i was filthy and soaked in sweat, felt really humid. The legs didn’t feel too bad either. 20kms in 1hr 24 (4.14’s)

In total just 73kms for the week in 5hr 5 (4.11’s).

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