Weekly Summary 7/07 – 13/07

Monday – Some weird core work session at NRG. Not my cup of tea but my legs were sore the next day so im sure thats a good sign. Normally if i dont enjoy something that means its good for you. Slow average time as lots of sit ups etc. 16.66km (1hr 22) 4.58’s

Tuesday – nothing. Rest day

Wednesday – Run to work. Freezing in the morning. 10.20 km (44 mins) 4.20’s.

Thursday – Morning treadmill run. Wanted to watch the footy and had to carry stuff home in the evening. Boring as hell. 12.56 km (56mins) 4.27’s

Friday – run home. Had to hammer it a bit as needed to collect dry cleaning. Got there 3 minutes after closing but was lucky enough to get my cleaning. 10.80km (44.43min) 4.08’s

Saturday – Long run. Did the usual Bobbin Head loop. Its a decent tester this one. My fastest time was last August when training for C2K. I did the full 50km loop and averaged 4.30’s but had a bit of knee pain. This time I was hoping to average 4.15’s without any pain. Long story short, the run went well. The body felt tired after 40km’s but thats to be expected as I haven’t done many long runs this year. I managed to maintain the pace without much effort and best of all there was no knee pain. I cut the run short as I couldn’t be arsed with the 3km loop near home to make the full 50km. So 47kms all up (3hr 14) 4.07’s. Went through the marathon mark in 2.54 dead.

Sunday – Up at the crack of dawn to support Phill and Jen at the Sydney 10km. Another bitterly cold but dry morning. It was good fun watching on the sidelines for a change. They both smashed it! Later I dragged myself out for a short recovery run. Once moving the legs felt spot on. Only 6.33km (26.51) 4.14’s

Total – 103.57 km (7hrs 28) 4.19’s

One thought on “Weekly Summary 7/07 – 13/07

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