Kumquat & Giving Up the Beer!

Monday – NRG intervals. The culdesac session. Roughly 950 meters per interval. We did 7 and we gradually got faster each time more or less. Last rep in 2.56. Run there and home so all up 21.16 kms.

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday – runs to and from work. 20kms on the Friday.

On Friday night Phill and I drove up to Wisemans Ferry for a weekend away. Not a huge amount to do there. Fruit picking was fun. We discovery Kumquats which are pretty awesome. Really really sour but quite addictive. On the Saturday whilst Phill was having a massage and facial I went for a run on the Convict Trail. Seeked out some good hills, weather was perfect. Nice run. 18kms, 1hr 23 (4.38’s).

Sunday – I didn’t really fancy doing much so thought I’d go hard on the 10km loop. This turned into a decent effort with the last 3 kilometers taking 9.49. 34 minutes 34 seconds all up averaging 3.28’s. Pretty pumped with this.

No real long run this week which was part of the plan. In total, 91.41kms in 6 hours 46 (4.19’s).

I also decided to quit the booze for 12 months. I fancied a lifestyle change. Everything seems to revolve around alcohol these days so i’ve nailed that on the head. Should save a few bob too.

Feeling great!

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