Weekly Summary 23/06 -29/06

Monday – I went along to NRG for the interval session. It ended up being a fartlek session. Run at 70% for 3 mins, then faster for 2 mins then flat out for a 1 minute. 30 minutes all up. About 8km average 3.51’s or so. I ran there from work so that gave me 17.8 kms.

Tuesday – Boring run home from work. 11kms, 52 mins (4.49’s)

Wednesday – day off. Had about 13 wines and the same amount of cheese at The Flat Rock Brew Cafe’s inaugural cheese & wine night. I’ll be back.

Thursday – Hill session on the treadmill. Something different. Mega boring. Doubt i’ll do that again. 10kms in 43 minutes

Friday – Just a run to work. Uneventful. 10km, 43.47 (4.22’s)

Saturday – Long run day. I was up at 5.45am to run to Mosman parkrun. My first park run. I wanted to fat burn as usual, so no breakfast and no gels or anything. The run to parkrun was just under 10km’s. The course was 3 loops with a sharp 14% climb at the turnaround which threw any chance of a pb, but great for strength building. I ran at the front unchallenged from the start. I was later told than none of the fasties had turned up. Reasonably happy with the 17.14 (3.26’s). I then had a quick stretch and run to Centennial Park. 36 kms’s all up in 2hrs 27 (4.07’s).

Sunday – Just a run to the in-laws for lunch. I did a quick loop of the roads here to make it a tad longer. The legs were pretty stiff and felt heavy. I really had to concentrate on form to get any sort of pace up. Once at the top of the Warringah road climb I started to feel good. Turned out I KOM’d that climb which is a good sign of progress, even more so since i’ve been neglecting hill running. 13.53 km’s in 51.08 (3.47’s).

Total for the week: 98.40 kms in 7hrs 2 (4.17’s).

I’m feeling good and ticking along nicely. Thats 95, 95 and 98 km’s for the last 3 weeks which is starting to sound reasonably consistent.

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