Fast week

This Saturday i decided on the day to just head out the door at around marathon pace and just see what happens. My theory is that its much easier to hold a pace than start off really slowly then ease into a faster pace. It seems if I just do it from the off then it feels much easier.

Anyway thats more or less what happened. Ran a few loops of the local roads then went down to the water and ran up and down some trails. Hit the half marathon mark in 78 minutes which equals my PB. This felt a lot more comfortable than when I set it a couple of years back so that was positive. After that point I started to suffer on hills and slowed considerably. No gels or anything so i’m comforted that on the day i’ll be taking on board fuel. 30 km’s all up in 1hr 54 (3.48’s).

This session now has me thinking that I should have a crack at going for a 2.36 time at Melbourne. If I can comfortably run a 78 half in training then I should be able to replicate this in a race. We’ll see

Sunday I joined Phill for a hot yoga session. My legs felt fine from the previous days effort but after yoga they were sore! It was just a beginners class but that was enough for me. Great workout. I’m incredibly inflexible and tight and could barely do any of the moves. My legs were aching for the remainder of the day. Late in the afternoon I went out for an easy 10km. Started off nice and slow and then sped up a little towards the end. 39.39 (3.58’s).

95.76 kilometers for the week in 6hrs 37 which is pretty much exactly the same as last week. Happy days

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