Training Summary – Last 2 weeks

I’ve been slacking on the blogging again, but i’m sure nobody has noticed as it is generally thoroughly boring drivel anyway. 

Last week I was particularly slack not just in my blogging but in my running. This was largely due to the 4 days I had completely off to travel to a wedding in Perth and practice my drinking. I’m coming on nicely..

Monday 2nd June –  4 KM @ marathon pace, 1 km faster, 4km @ MP then 1km all out. So the idea was to run at marathon pace and then practice recovering whilst surging. The session went pretty well. My marathon pace was too fast but I just went with it. There was no rest at all, so a 10 km effort. The splits were:

3.39, 3.40, 3.40, 3.42, – 3.26 – 3.35, 3.36, 3.38, 3.37 – 3.20. 

So 35.59 for 10 km (3.36’s)

Tuesday 3rd June – 5km time trial. Not much to say here. Just hit the park and had a crack. Ended up belting it out in 16.36 (3.19’s) which is a minute faster then i’ve ever done it. I’ve never raced this distance but surely if I do id have to be closer to at 16. Will have a go one day. 

Wednesday 4th + Thursday 5th June – Standard boring run homes. 11 km’s. 

Total –  41.41 kms in 2hrs 46 (4.00’s)

Monday 9th June – off, training in the Little Creatures brewery. Tried the IPA, Pale Ale and Rogers. Pale Ale wins it for me.

Tuesday 10th June – Tempo run. Hit the roads and had a real spring in my step. Felt easy. One of those great runs where everything clicks. 14.17 kms in 51.07 (3.36’s)

Wednesday 11th, Thursday 12th, Friday 13th – Standard run homes. Mostly felt hard. 

Saturday 14th June – Long run. Ran from home to Centennial park slowly with the idea of doing 10km’s at marathon pace once I got to the park, after 18km’s or so. I just didn’t have it in me. Probably averaged 3.50’s from 18 – 28 km’s which was about 5 seconds per km over target. No food or water but that shouldn’t have been an issue. Possibly the massage I had from on the Friday. I never seem to run well immediately after a massage. 33 km’s all up in 2hrs 15 (4.06’s)

Sunday 15th June – Freezing cold today. After watching England get beaten by Italy I head to the park for an interval session. 5 x 2km at quicker than HM pace but slower than 10km pace with 2 minutes recovery. So my rough idea was to hit the splits in just under 7 minutes (3.30’s) Legs still felt a little sluggish. I might need to stretch now and again perhaps. 2km splits were:

6.58, 6.55, 6.57, 6.52, 6.58. Pretty happy with that. 13.28 km all up with up/down in 54 minutes (4.04s’)

Total – 95.50 km in 6hrs 34 (4.07’s)   Finally getting the weekly distance up. I now need to start integrating a mid week longer run and I should be comfortably over 100 km’s each week.

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