Weekly Summary 26/05 -01/06 2014

Not a huge week in terms of mileage in the end. I’ve been managing a sore hip for the last 8 weeks or so, in fact ever since i started back running properly this year. Matt the physio at www.sportslab.com.au has been working on me to fix this up. It’s on the mend but after Saturdays run it needed a rest.

Saturday consisted of an early start for a jog in the blue mountains. Loved it. Just fancied a long run on the trails. It was an out and back format. So 20 out and 20 back. The first 20km is mostly where all the uphill lies and I just concentrated on keeping the pace above 4.30 per/km which was pretty easy. Around 850 meters of climbing which isn’t too bad over 20 km’s. Then on the return leg I didn’t go all out, just kept it steady ticking along sub 4 minute km’s. 

Given I was out in the wilderness, to be sensible I took 2 museli bars and 350 mls of water. Energy levels fine, possibly could have done with a little more water though but all up a decent outing in 2hrs 51 (4.17’s).

In total, just 79.58km in 5hrs 44 (4.19’s). Again, not a big mileage week but i’ll get there as I get closer to the marathon.

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