Tempo Session

I hit the park tonight for a tempo session. I thought of this session whilst sitting at my desk.

The format was 4 km’s at marathon pace (3.45’s), then a km in 3.30, then 4 more km’s at marathon pace, then the last km all out.

I figured this would be a good session to get me used to running at marathon pace, and with a surge in between i’ll condition my body to recovering whilst still at marathon pace. 

No rest in between, this was a 10 kilometer effort in one hit. Reps were:

  1. 3.39
  2. 3.40
  3. 3.40
  4. 3.42
  5. 3.26 (18.10 – 3.38’s)
  6. 3.35
  7. 3.36
  8. 3.38
  9. 3.37
  10. 3.20 (17.50 – 3.33’s)

So 35.59 all up (3.36’s). 

I found after the 5th rep that i just naturally sped up without pushing it, so I just went with it. Felt pretty good!

So this week will be another low mileage jobby as I’m heading to Perth on Friday for the long weekend. I won’t be running whilst i’m there. I’m using those 3 days off as hip recovery time. Besides, there’ll be too much beer to be drunk to worry about running. 

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