5 x 1km off 2 minutes

Monday was an easy run home. 11.17 km, 50.04 (4.29’s).

Today I was trying to talk myself into taking a rest day. Not sure why, as my body feels good. In the end I compromised with myself and agreed to head to the park for an interval session. The plan was just 5 x 1 km efforts with 2 minutes recovery. A long recovery as I planned to really attack these repeats. I also planned not to look at my pace until the end of each rep. So i was running on feel. 

Reps were:

  1. 3.10
  2. 3.09
  3. 3.10
  4. 3.09
  5. 3.10

I had to really push the last effort and I was hoping i’d be closer to 3 minutes but it wasn’t to be. This was hard going but i’m really pleased with the consistency. Good to get the legs turning over at a decent clip. The 2 minutes recovery was just right. It allowed me to hit each rep hard. 

Feel good.

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