Weekly Wrap up 19th – 25th May 2014

Friday morning was just a bog standard run to work. I then sat in the steam room to sweat out the cold I suddenly acquired. Seemed to do the trick. 10.13km – 46.03 (4.33’s).

Saturday morning I went down to The Bay Run with Phill for a couple of laps. She walked a lap whilst I ran 2. Beautiful morning for it, The plan was to drill out the first lap at marathon pace (3.45’s) and then pick up the pace by 5-10 secs per km on the second loop. In the end I went slightly too fast on the first lap and then not as fast as I wanted on the last rep. Whilst the last lap felt hard I think I could have maintained the 3.38 – 3.40 pace I was going at for another 7km’s to get me a 1.16 half marathon time (had I been racing). So a positive run. 13.79 kms – 50.36 (3.40’s)

Sunday morning I headed out for my long run. A key training run for the marathon. It was a reverse loop of what I did a few weeks back and I tacked on a bit extra. This run was just meant to feel easy. No pushing it like last week. The only place I pushed was the 3.5km or so climb up Allambie road. I wanted to break my Strava record which is a bit sad. In the end I did it easily enough. All up it was 33.41 kms in 2hrs 20 (4.13’s). 453 meters of climbing too so not all flat. As usual, this long run was before breakfast with no water or fuel. Running the marathon will feel luxurious in the end!

In total that’s 101.86 kilometers for the week. 7 hours 1 minute of running (4.07’s). 

That’s my first week breaking 100 since before Christmas. I’m heading in the right direction.

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