Weekly Summary 12th – 18th May

Monday – Run home, 11km, 51.04 (4.38’s)

Tuesday – Run home, 12km, 53.40 (4.28’s)

Wednesday – Run home, 11km, 55.21 (5.02’s) – felt awful. Walked a fair bit. Oh well

Thursday – beer

Friday – Run to work, 10km, 43.04, (4.18’s)

Saturday – Out and back to Bobbin Head. Slow out, fast back. Average pace was 4.06’s out which felt really easy and then i pushed that down to 3.44’s on the way back. 1 hour 57 (3.54’s). Did this before breakfast on an empty stomach and a small glass of water. But energy levels felt good the entire way. Out for a stag night in the afternoon/evening.

Sunday – recovery from stag.

Total – 74.09 km, 5 hours 20 (4.19’s)

So low mileage week again. A couple of beer related interruptions which i’ll be nailing on the head moving forward. Not too concerned about the low mileage yet, plenty of time to build up slowly.

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