Interval Training – 5 x 1 mile

I decided to hit the park tonight for an interval session. Fortunately the lights were on so I didnt have to do it in pitch black. The idea was 5 x 1 mile efforts with 90 seconds recovery in between. 

I figured i’d do each effort at 5km race pace. That pace is based off not what I can currently do for 5km but what I hope to be able to do for the marathon if that makes any sense. So using Mcmillan’s calculator and entering 2hrs 39 for the marathon distance spat out 16 minutes 20 for 5km which is 3.15’s per km pace. I figured this would probably be too hot for me but would give it a go. Mile splits below, km pace in brackets:

  1. 5.10 (3.13’s)
  2. 5.12 (3.14’s)
  3. 5.20 (3.19’s)
  4. 5.20 (3.19’s)
  5. 5.19 (3.18’s)

So I definitely went out too hot for my current fitness levels and had to dig deep to hang on. But hang on I did after wanting to quit. 90 seconds recovery was just about long enough. 1 minute would have been too short. 

11.34km all up with warm up and cool down, 44.22 (3.55’s)

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