3 x Bay Run

This week was a recovery week after the marathon on Sunday. Not huge amounts of volume but the intensity was reasonable. Summary below:

Monday – off

Tuesday – Easy run home. 11km, 53.11 (4.45’s)

Wednesday – Run home via Crows Next. 10.1km, 39.13 (3.55’s)

Thursday – I went to the park for a planed 12km tempo run. This didnt quite pan out as my legs/head just weren’t feeling it. Therefore i chopped it in half and called it a day. 7.18km (including 1km warm up and 1km warm down), 28.38 (3.59’s)

Friday – Weights session. No running. After Thursday’s lack of interest I guessed my body needed a rest.

Saturday – Local loop. Felt pretty strong. 27km, 1hr 51 (4.09’s). I had planned to run 32km by finishing up with a fast 5km around the park but I talked myself out of this towards the end of the run. Not sure why. I persuaded myself that I don’t want to peak too early for the marathon..

Sunday – Headed down to The Bay for 3 loops. Each loop is just shy of 7kms. Nice morning. 23 degrees and sunny. The plan was to run the first loop easy (4.20’s – 4.15’s), 2nd loop at a more moderate effort (4.00’s) and the final loop balls out. Averaged around 3.47’s. So 20.64 km’s, 1hr 24 (4.02’s)

Total – 75 kilometers, 5hrs 16, (4.11’s).  Not high volume but i’ve got plenty of time to build up. The marathon isn’t until October so I want to do this sensibly. 

The big news of the week was that I was offered weekly physio for a year by http://www.sportslab.com.au ! Pretty awesome. This was out of the blue and quite unexpected. I used sportslab in the lead up to C2K to iron out niggles and they were great so I couldn’t be happier. They want to use my story of a regular guy who has a normal job but accomplished something pretty big (C2K) as an inspirational story. Chuffed to bits. The timing couldn’t be better too. I’ve mean managing a hip niggle for the last month. I think its an irritated bursa or something, will find out at next weeks first physio session. 


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