3 x 5km off 2 minutes recovery

I was unable to make it to NRG tonight as planned for interval training so I decided to hit the local park for some dog leapfrogging.

I thought up the idea of running 3 x 5km’s with 2 minutes recovery. I thought averaging 3.40’s for each rep would be a fair effort. 

I felt pretty light and boundy on the warm up and launched straight into it. Reps as follows:

  1. 18.08 (3.38’s)
  2. 18.09 (3.38’s)
  3. 17.49 (3.34’s)

Happy to get under 18 minutes for the last one. Felt comfortably hard which was the idea. The 2 minutes recovery in between felt just right. Just a few weeks ago 17.40 for 5km was a monstrous effort so training is definitely paying off. 

Last weeks training summary:

Monday – Sri Chinmoy Half 21.1km, 1hr 20.28, (3.49’s)

Tuesday – nothing

Wednesday – Run home 13.72km, 1hr 2, (4.32’s)

Thursday – nothing

Friday – Jervis Bay 11km, 42.26, (3.51’s) + 5.7km warm up warm down)

Saturday – Jervis Bay 22.32km, 1hr 39, (4.27’s)

Sunday – nothing

Total – 73.82kms. Highest total since February. 


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