8 x 1km

First interval session of the year for me tonight. I thought I should probably start.

The idea was 8 x 1km with 60 seconds walking recovery. The target was 3.40 per km given where my fitness is a. As it turns out my fitness is slightly better than I thought, only just. Splits were:

  1. 3.38
  2. 3.38
  3. 3.40
  4. 3.36
  5. 3.36
  6. 3.34
  7. 3.34
  8. 3.23

A good finish and I was glad to be able to complete it comfortably enough. The park was pitch black with dogs everywhere so that was a bit of a challenge. Apart from that, all good. Next time I do these I’ll probably be better off setting the target to 3.35.

All up just over 11km for the session. 

Yesterday I ran home from work. Doesn’t happen often these days. A tad over 11 kilometers. 

Gym work tomorrow then another run on Friday.

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