A New Focus

My running has been rather erratic since C2K. I’ve been struggling with motivation and really haven’t wanted to run long. 

With no races in the pipe i’ve been struggling with any real consistency. The thought of another ultra hasn’t appealed. However, I have found i’ve been enjoying shorter speed sessions – better than nothing. Currently doing ten 400 metre reps at 3.20 per/km pace on the treadmill with 1 minute recoveries. Not particularly fast by any stretch but better than a plod. I’ve also been enjoying the rowing machine –  a great burn. 5km’s the other day in 18.40. It’d be good to get that under 18.

Just this weekend I was thinking I need to find something to focus on with another time to build up. The Melbourne Marathon in October sprung to mind. Perfect. So that’s now the plan with a goal time of 2.35 the target – an average pace of 3.40 per kilometre. 

I’d say at my current fitness I’d struggle to break 3 hours so this will be a decent challenge but I have time up my sleeve! 

Training will consist of plenty of fast paced runs to get my body used to the speed. The build up for the next couple of months will be relatively relaxed before I embark on a 16 week training plan. Simples

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