30 Minute Work out

Training since C2K has been sporadic to say the least. Up until last Saturday the longest run I’d completed was about 14 kilometres.

This weekend I managed 34 kilometres around the streets of Mosman in just under 3 hours. Hot and slow.

Today I decided to hit the gym as I had too much gear to run home with.

The plan was 5 kilometres on the treadmill, 3 minutes rest then 2 kilometres on the rowing machine.

I find running in the machine much harder than the road and as a result I managed the 5 kilometres in 18.30. First bit of ‘speed work’ in a while. I was barely hanging on at the end.

3 minutes rest then onto the rowing machine. I set it to level 7 as I understand that closely resembles the resistance of water. I also had a target of 7 minutes to aim for.

Totally rooted I hit the first kilometre dead on 3.30 then I dropped off a little to finish up in 7.07.

Just 27 minutes of exercise and I’ve never sweated so much in my life.

I might try this combo again in reverse. I suspect it will be harder

2 thoughts on “30 Minute Work out

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