5 x 800m off 60 seconds – Interval Training

This week i’ve been tapering heavily. Im enjoying it too!

I took a day off on Monday, then had an easy run home on Tuesday 13.80km in 1.30 (4.34’s).

Then another day off on Wednesday. 

Today I headed out after work to do intervals. This was a shorter session than usual given I’m tapering. 

The plan was 5 x 800 meters with 60 seconds recovery. I was aiming to average 3.10’s per km on these. Reps were:

  1. 2.38  (3.18’s)
  2. 2.30  (3.09’s)
  3. 2.31  (3.09’s)
  4. 2.32  (3.11’s)
  5. 2.30  (3.09’s)

My legs felt like lead from the off. I really struggled to get them going. I’m guessing this is just the result of the taper. 

I had to grit my teeth for the next one to get it back on track. On the third I felt like pulling out as it felt way too hard. I managed to pull through and hang on to the finish. 

A good session in the end and I’m glad it was just the 5 reps. On a positive note I don’t think i’ve ever done a 800 meter interval session faster – so something is working. Consistency I guess. 

A week tomorrow until race day. I’m struggling to think of anything else. 

I’ve been looking at a lot of sites to practice ‘mindfulness’ techniqus during the race – being in the present and not looking at what lays ahead. I think this will be extremely beneficial. I’ll soon find out…

3 thoughts on “5 x 800m off 60 seconds – Interval Training

  1. I can’t wait to see how you go mate.
    It’s going to be AMAZING.

    You are a special athlete in your own rights and I am sure you will go one step than giving that ‘someone’ a run for their money.

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