Thursday Interval Session

My schedule called for an interval session tomorrow but I’ve got other things planned and running isnt part of that plan so I squeezed it in tonight.

The plan was 2 sets of 1.6km, 1.2km and 800m each with 60 seconds recovery. 2nd sets to be slightly quicker. Reps were:

  • 5.33 (3.28’s)
  • 5.27 (3.25’s)


  • 3.59 (3.20’s)
  • 4.00 (3.20’s)


  • 2.35 (3.14’s)
  • 2.33 (3.11’s)

This session felt hard from the off so it was good to get it done. Humid evening for it and dogs everywhere. 

I was eyeballs out on the last set, felt bloody brilliant afterwards though. 

13.27km for the session including warm up and cool down. 

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