Who says ultrarunning makes you slow?

I had monday off which was a nice treat. Pre-hab on the legs and all is good.

Tuesday was 20km’s running the downhills hard. Pretty solid session seeking out hills, running steadily up them and then smashing the downs. Finished up with 21.5km on the board in 1.33 (4.21’s).

Today’s plan called for some HTFU. 10 mins temp then 5 minutes slightly faster than tempo x 4. 

I set out hard and just hung on. So the format pretty much wasnt there but it was an awesome session. I essentially just ran hard, very hard, the whole way. My run home is reasonably challenging with a couple of sets of stairs leading up to the harbour bridge and then the steep climb up Alfred St North. It makes it challenging to get into a rhythm but effort levels were maxed. 

I ended up running home over 2 minutes faster than I ever have – even fast then when I trained for my 2.41 marathon. mmm… something is working. My splits were:

  1. 3.43
  2. 3.23
  3. 3.47
  4. 3.43
  5. 3.34
  6. 4.34 (climb up 2 sets of stairs then the stairs up to harbour bridge)
  7. 3.48
  8. 3.50
  9. 4.37 (climb up Alfred St North)
  10. 3.34
  11. 3.31
  12. 3.33
  13. 4.02 (climb up Willoughby road)
  14. 2.32 (3.36’s)

So all up 13.7km in 52.15 (3.49’s). 

My last best time on this route was November 2012 in 54.31 (3.59’s). After that run I had no idea how i’d ever be able to run it any quicker. Well clearly 170km+ weeks with a few speed sessions thrown in is the answer!

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