Need a C2K Crew Member

46km yesterday and 32km today makes its 78km for the weekend. A wet one it was too.

Starting to get stuff sorted for C2K now and sadly I’m finding myself short of a crew person.

If any readers are keen to experience C2K first hand then please get in touch.

Currently crewing for me is my wife and best mate. Whilst fit and in good shape they aren’t runners, so I’m ideally looking for a runner – particularly someone who is capable of the 18km round trip up the mountain at the end of the race. Don’t worry, but that stage there won’t be a lot of running!

We’ll be driving down from Sydney early Thursday morning and driving back on Sunday after presentations are over.

Accommodation and all that jazz will be taken care of so please just bring yourself.

Send me a message if your keen.

2 thoughts on “Need a C2K Crew Member

  1. gday dude im interested id like to have a talk about it caus im pretty new to ultras and keen but wouldnt want to slow you down. if your keen to chat give me a call on 0404990273 cheers mate

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