6 x 1km intervals (off 90, 75, 60, 45, 30)

Today’s session called for intervals. I didn’t run this morning so I was pretty fresh. 

Unfortunately I headed out just as it was raining, nice and cool though. 

The idea was 6 x  1km repeats with a descending recovery. 90 seconds rest after the first rep, 75 seconds after the second, 60 after the third and so on.

The target was to hit reps between 3.15-3.20. I created the session incorrectly on the garmin so after the second set I had to do it manually which wasn’t an issue. Reps were:

  1. 3.18
  2. 3.16
  3. 3.11
  4. 3.13
  5. 3.14
  6. 3.11

I seem to always run the first 400m at break neck speed then hang on till the end. Need to pace it a bit more evenly. Happy with it though. 12.28km for the day.

On Wednesday I hammered out 2 x 40 minute efforts with 5 minutes recovery in between. Ended up hitting an 83 minute half marathon on route which felt pretty good on a reasonably hilly route too.

More kays this weekend. 3 weeks to go 🙂

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