Following the GNW100’s yesterday. It looks like it was total carnage out there. Brilliant!

I wasn’t expecting Saturday to turn into such a scorcher and it would have been even hotter out on that course. 

I ran up to Brooklyn on Saturday but completely fell apart after only 25km. Started off fine and then just like that I was goneskis. My body refused to run uphill and all it wanted to do was walk. 

I had 2 litres of water, 600ml of coke, 1.25l of Solo and 1 large slurpee. And I still lost over 3kg’s by the time I made it home. 

My watch only recorded 50.03km in 4hrs 34 (5.29’s) but I ran with it paused for a little while by mistake. 

Today was much much cooler. And rainy. Perfect running conditions. Legs didn’t feel sore from yesterday, just tight hip flexors. My feet are sore too, in and around the ankle. Just overuse I guess. 

I ran up to Bobbin Head into Hornsby and home again. An easier run than yesterday on just 1 gel and a banana with water. Tried to pick up the pace over the last hour but I wasn’t really making great strides. Was glad to be done in the end. C2K is going to hurt!

All up 50km in 4hrs 22 (5.15’s).

171.67km’s for the week. No knee soreness, just pain in my feet but hopefully the taper will fix that up. Another big week in the bag and another one to go. 

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