8 x 1km (off 90 sec)

The plan today was intervals. I look forward to interval sessions, they make you feel awesome afterwards!

Relatively tired legs as I swapped Tuesday’s 20km tempo type session for yesterday as I was off drinking too much at Melbourne Cup. Tuesday a short sharp session instead.

8 x 1km off 90 seconds recovery was the idea. I had in mind to hit 3.15’s to 3.20’s. Legs quite heavy so would be a challenge. Damn dogs all over the park too as usual which turns it into a bit of an obstacle course. Nonetheless, reps were:

  1. 3.21
  2. 3.18
  3. 3.13
  4. 3.17
  5. 3.16
  6. 3.18
  7. 3.16
  8. 3.11

Really pushed the last rep. I was averaging 3..05’s until halfway then I faded badly. Was doubled over at the finish. 

Rep 3 came out of nowhere and the the reps after that were pretty consistent.

Great North Walk 100’s this weekend. Its shaping up to be a humid one. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I ran that as my first 100 miler. Brendan Davies has to be odds on. The guy is on fire and is having an amazing year. He has 2 x C2K winner Ewan pacing him for the last 70km’s which should make for a quick time. 

Meanwhile i’ll be plodding along on more pavement racking up over 100km’s this weekend to hopefully bank another big week.

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