Big Week

A much needed rest day today which was pretty good, particularly after a wedding reception in Orange last night.

I was up at 3.45am on Saturday morning to squeeze in 5 hours before the 3hr+ drive to the wedding. I didn’t bother with breakfast as I didn’t really have the time so I just grabbed a banana and stashed a load of powerbars in my pack. 

Legs were dead from the start. They felt tired and fatigued so I knew it was going to be a long morning out. The plan was to run the first 4 hours easy and then to pick up the pace over the last hour. 

I ran from Willoughby, over Spit Bridge and along to Newport. Had a couple of power bars along the way and succumbed to taking walking breaks whilst eating them. My energy levels weren’t great but I’m gonna be feeling a hell of a lot worse at multiple stages during C2K so all good training. 

With 4 hours of so on the clock I had to pick up the pace – all relative as the pace wasn’t quick quick but ok. The last 10km’s are below:

  • 4.39
  • 5.52 (over spit bridge and up towards Mosman – a bit soft as I walked some of the climb to get my head together)
  • 4.35
  • 4.21
  • 4.29
  • 4.24
  • 4.23
  • 4.17
  • 4.20
  • 4.43

I definitely worked up a sweat but the legs felt better for doing it. I might need to force myself to pick up the pace during parts of the race to stretch out the legs. 

All up I ran 57.55km in 4hrs 54 (5.06’s).

Absolutely no knee pain which was great. So all good there. 

This was another record mileage week for me – 173km’s. 

I’m guessing more of the same next week. Melbourne Cup on Tuesday which means i’ll be in a pub so i’ll have to squeeze in  3 hours or so before work. 

Eating like a horse

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