3 x (400m,800m,1600m) no rest

Thursday is interval day and the plan called for a repeat of last week.

15 minutes warming up and then straight into it. 3 lots of 400m,800m,1600m with no rest at all.

Last weeks session in black, this weeks in red.

  • 81(3.22’s), 2.50(3.44’s), 5.49(3,39’s)
  • 72(3.00’s), 2.44(3.26’s), 5.36(3.31’s)
  • 80(3.20’s), 2.46(3.28’s), 5.45(3.36’s)
  • 78(3.15’s), 2.43(3.25s), 5.38(3.32’s)
  • 78(3.15′), 2.42(3.23’s), 5.32(3.28’s)
  • 76(3.12’s), 2.46(3.28’s), 5.26(3.24’s)

The first 400 meters hurt and may have been a little too quick but i recovered ok. Much better pacing than last weeks. Quicker than last week too. Not sure its fitness related, I think I was just pushing it a bit harder.

Overall 14.5km in 58.44 (4.03’s). With 10km this morning thats 24km for the day.

The knee has been excellent this week. I saw a physio on Monday who really worked on the muscles around it. He couldnt believe how tight and unflexible I am. He was knackered afterwards. Instant relief though. Seeing him again next Monday.

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