Interval training without the rest

Tonight’s session called for some speed work.

The plan was 3 x 400m,800m,1600m with absolutely no rest. The idea is to get the body used to using lactate as a fuel.

After a 15 minute warm up I was straight into it. Reps below:

81(3.22’s), 2.50(3.44’s), 5.49(3,39’s)

80(3.20’s), 2.46(3.28’s), 5.45(3.36’s)

78(3.15′), 2.42(3.23’s), 5.32(3.28’s) 

So in hindsight I probably started a little bit slowly but I was pushing it on the last set. So it was 8.4km’s in whatever pace that works out to be. Something in the late 3.20’s I’d guess. Not bad with all the recent km’s in the legs. Felt surprisingly fresh.

14.13km’s all up in 57.53 (4.06’s).

10km’s in the morning to give me 24km’s for the day. The knee felt good today so hopefully i’m on the mend.

Hunter Valley tomorrow for a long weekend of boozing and jazz. Good fun. However I’ve got to be up at 4am to squeeze in 3 hours before we leave. It’ll be worth in in the end. 

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