Big Week

This week i’ve been struggling with pain in my left knee. First started towards the end of Glenbrook Marathon. It feels like its the tendon. Absolutely fine when I walk and if it hurts when I run, i stop, give it a rub and then im able to carry on for another kilometre before doing it again. 

It definitely hurts but not enough to stop me and I dont think im making it worse by running on it. Need to get this resolved before C2K though otherwise that wont be much fun. Next available slot at the physio is 1st November – so i’ll have to suffer through until then. 

171.48 km’s this week. Its the first time ive ever broken 150 during a training week. Apart from the knee everything else feels good particularly my energy levels. 

Yesterday was a 60.45km run at an easy pace in 5hrs 19 (5.17’s). I felt like I could have happily continued on which was the point.

Today was a 2 hour run. First hour was meant to be easy and the 2nd hour was meant to be at a faster pace. Unfortunately every time i tried to pick up the pace my knee wouldn’t let me. Which was a shame as my legs felt really good. All up 23.64km in 2hrs (5.05’s). 

So thats an 84km weekend which isn’t bad.

More of the same next week and hopefully I’ll be able to find a way to make the knee more manageable. I’ve attempted taping by I just end up cutting off the circulation and bruising myself. 

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