Thursday throttle

I was feeling quite perky this morning so decided to run into work. Always feel great for doing this, so much better than getting the bus.

13.70km in 1hr 9 (4.59’s)

This evening the plan called for a speed workout. The idea was to run 800m have 30 seconds rest then run 800m, 3 minutes rest and repeat for 5 times in total. The second 800m interval in each rep should be the same if not quicker than the first – so pacing plays a big part here.

After my poor attempt at a speed session a couple of weeks ago I wasn’t too sure what speed to approach these at. I couldn’t even hold 3.45’s then but I think it was just flu related.

I hit the local park with all the dogs and set off. I thought I should aim for 2.55’s to 3 minutes a rep and see how I felt – cautious not to go out too hard. The reps were as follows:

  1. 3.01/2.45
  2. 2.52/2.44
  3. 2.47/2.36
  4. 2.41/2.39
  5. 2.33/2.30

As you can see, I started out cautiously but found my rhythm. The 3 minutes rest in between each 2x800m set was great and allowed a good recovery. The 30 seconds rest during the reps was just enough to catch your breath and get going again.

During the rests I just walked so as not to stiffen up.

I felt great after that and I think I really dialled into a good pace during the last 2 sets. I was pushing it on the last one though. 14km’s all up including warm up and cool down.

The plan for tomorrow is a rest day, so I’ll use the time to hit the gym. Its then 3 hours on Saturday and Glenbrook Marathon on Sunday. I’m looking forward to it.

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