Recovery Week

This week has been all about recovering from CP100.

I felt pretty good after the race but took Monday and Tuesday off from running.

On Wednesday I hit the gym and did 5km’s on the treadmill to warm up – nice and slow.

Thursday was a run into work with Phill and then out for a few beers after work.

Friday was a day off from running and more beers (if you can do it during a recovery week when can you!).

On Saturday then plan was to head out for 90/120 mins at a slow pace. I just did a local loop taking in a couple of trails. Felt nice and easy although the legs were tired towards the end. Saturday then turned into a big bender as we caught up with friends in Manly then an engagement party later in the evening.

This morning I was a bit weary but once up I was more than happy to sweat out the previous days drinking. Again, the session was the same as above except I stuck to the roads. Felt good, nice and easy.

Almost 60km for the week which is the best recovery week  i think i’ve ever had. Back into it properly next week.

KM’s Time Pace
Monday zero
Tuesday zero
Wednesday 5 29 5.50’s
Thursday 10.49 56.27 5.23’s
Friday zero
Saturday 21.83 1.56 5.20’s
Sunday 22 1.48 4.55’s
Total 59.32

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