Centennial Park 100

This Sunday sees the 3rd running of the Centennial Park 100. 

I was a spectator last year and it was a brutally hot day. Fortunately this Sunday the forecast is 23 degrees with a chance of showers. Ideal really.

I’ve been feeling pretty flat for the last 3 weeks since Oxfam Trailwalker. The man-flu hit me big time and really effected my lungs inhibiting my running – just making everything feel ridiculously hard. 

Since then, my legs have just felt heavy and tired. I tried to remedy this last Saturday by going out for a 10km tempo run. That ended in disaster. I had to stop after 4km averaging 3.48’s as it felt too hard. A bit worrying. That shouldnt really feel too tricky and I had planned to only get quicker as the run progressed.

Well after 5 minutes rest I thought I’d go again and just do 4km’s but quicker than before. No sooner had i started that I started doubting myself. Soon enough, after just 2km averaging 3.33’s I jacked it in. 

I took another 5 minute break and thought I really need to do something drastic. I’ve never done these before (but I think I need should do) but I thought I’d crank out 5 x 200m with a 200m walking recovery. All out effort to really get the legs working again. 

Well I felt like I was absolutely flying – when I checked my garmin sadly I wasnt. Reps were: 31.6, 31.9, 30.9, 32.9, 33.3

I was quite surprised by how slow they were. In school I was able to run 100m in the low 11’s – not any more! However, just those 5 reps  made me feel much better and I’ll definitely do more of them in future. 

As a result, the next day I went for a local run, hitting 2 Creeks Trail and Middle Harbour Trail. Went out hard and held on. 22km in 1hr 35 (4.21’s). Felt good, although lungs still not 100% legs felt better.

This week I’ve really tapered. I hit the gym on Monday, ran home on Tuesday, did a burpees session on Wednesday (holy hell I need to do these more – did 100 – harder than running 100 miles!) and today I had a beaut of a run home. Just the standard 11.2km but today I was wearing my Newtons which given real good cushioning. I felt good from the off and slowly got faster knocking out 3.30’s here and there. As a bonus I managed to snag the Willoughby Road climb record by 4 seconds on strava. 4 seconds faster than my best time from last year – this is a good sign. 45 minutes all up (4.01’s).

That’s it for running now until Sunday. I’m gonna rest these legs and probably just hammer the burpees – they’re addictive.

Looking at the start list this Sunday names I recognise are Jo Blake and Kevin Muller although there are probably some other great runners whose names I dont know. Both of the above 2 guys will be pushing the pace. Jo has run very low 7’s in the past which is phenomenal and Kevin Muller cranked out over 400km in a 48hr race this year. World class! 

For me, I’ll be looking to go out running strict 4.30’s equating to a 7.30 finish. After my disaster at Stromlo I need to be strict with my pacing even if it feels easy at the start. I’m hoping I can hold that pace for 60km’s then I’ll see what happens – it probably wont be pretty!

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