Man Flu

Since Trailwalker last Friday i’ve been sidelined with man flu. Yep, a pretty serious case of the dreaded man flu. I didnt think that i was going to make it for a while there but finally I seem to be pulling through.

As a result of this deadly condition my first run of the week was on Thursday 11.24km home from work. Still feeling terrible I didnt run on Friday. 

This Saturday I was feeling ok and hit middle harbour and the 2 creeks trail. My lungs had zero capacity but it felt nice to get out. Low intensity run, didnt stop me from falling over there. 25km in 2.12 (5.17’s).

Today I literally had to force myself out of bed early to get to Centennial Park. In preparation for the CP100 in a couple of weeks I wanted to do some laps of the park. 

I ate slightly too much ate breakfast and felt like throwing up for the first half hour. I wont do that on race day! My legs felt dead but lungs felt slightly better. After 20km my right shoulder started aching, hopefully I just slept funny on it or something. Not sure I could put up with that for 100km. 

30km all up in 2.12 (4.25’s). This run just felt plain hard. Hopefully its just cumulative fatigue but I’m glad I wasnt running 100km today. On race day I’m going to really have to reign in my early pace otherwise there will be one big blow up. I think anything faster than 4.30’s will be suicidal. If I’m feeling good after 70km’s (which I highly doubt I will be) then yeah, up the pace. But by that stage I think i’ll just be in damage limitation mode. 

Initially I wasnt going to taper for this race but I think I’m going to have to if I want to get through it. Whatever happens I think its going to be a long day out.

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