Red Bellied Black Snake!

Had the man flu most of the week so had a couple of days off running. Should have probably had more off but actually running makes me feel better afterwards. Besides, its a great method for emptying your head of all the snot!

Managed a 44km run on Saturday by running to The Bay in Iron Cove and drilling off 3 laps. On my 3rd lap I was flagging a bit so went to reach for my first gel but realised I hadn’t packed any. Not a major issue and fortunately I had a bit of cash on my  so I completed the loop and went to a petrol station for a litre of powerade and a calypo. Was a hot day.  Got it done in 3hrs 18 (4.31’s). Left knee felt  a bit dodgy, could do with a massage.

Sunday I did the 2 Creeks Trail and saw a beaut of a Red Bellied Black snake. It looked full size, nice and thick and slithered off into the bush as I strolled past. Thats my first really proper snake sighting after 4 years of running in Australia. Other than that I’ve seen a couple of small green snakes and a dead baby black snake. So this was a real treat. 

File:Red-Bellied Black Snake in Kowmung River NSW 99kb.jpg

(Photo courtesy of wikipedia)

I then headed through the bush via Davidson park to the in-laws for a bbq. I bumped into a reader of my blog, Jeremy, which was pretty awesome. Didnt realise people actually read this tripe but maybe they do! Anyway, Jeremy, I’ll see you at CP100 in September if I don’t see you out and about otherwise.

It was really a recovery run today and I took it easy, stopping and stretching  now and again to relieve pressure on my left knee. Pain wasnt too bad but just annoying. I stopped off  at a creek and splashed my face in the cold water. A cracking day. 22km in 1hr 58 (5.23’s). I walked most of the hills that i’d normally run, just took it nice and slow and enjoyed the outing. I then proceeded to gorge myself on birthday cake at the bbq.

I managed to run 88km’s over the last 3 days and my man flu seems to be behind me now. 

110km’s for the week and now i’m looking forward to Oxfam Trailwalker on Friday. 

In other news, I was pretty much glued to twitter watching the live feeds for the Leadville Trail 100 which was on over the weekend. 1st and 2nd place went to Ian Sharman and Nick Clarke who are both doing the Grandslam this summer. It  was their 3rd 100 miler in 7 weeks or so. Nutters!

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