Weekly Summary

Not  a huge amount to report this week. Like last week I missed a couple of days running due to drinking taking a priority and a sore IT band. 

My left ITB has been niggling me, nothing too awful yet but enough to be a bummer on my runs. I need to start doing my clams and stretching. I foam roll daily like crazy so I’m not sure why it has returned after a couple of years. Hopefully I’ll be able to nip it in the bud with a bit of taping, if not I’ll check back in with the physio so he can stick some needles in it.

Only 2 runs worth talking about this week.

On Saturday I hit the road and ran up to Bobbin Head. I wanted a long road run so I just plugged in my ipod and switched off. All was ok until I got up the other side of the Bobbin Head climb and my ITB was hurting. I stretched it out and had to stop a couple of times on the way home to stretch to stop it from aggravating my knee. 

I kept a fairly decent pace and had good energy. 50km in 3hrs 45 (4.30’s)

On Sunday my ITB was still sore so I just decided to do some short and sharp rather than sitting around on my bum. I hit the park and after a 1km warm up and did 5km. Not all out but enough to hurt. ITB wasnt too bad, sore to start then went away but still noticeable.  17.42 (3.32’s)

Hopefully I wont need too many days off next week but I’ll see what happens. Only 90km’s this week and I know I need to start doing more but most importantly I need to run without pain.

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