I’m Back!

Well I certainly feel like i’m back to normal. 

This week i’ve been able to run entirely pain free and that included a 40km+ effort on the trailwalker course on Saturday. Dead pleased with that. 

I backed up this afternoon with a 14.3km run to collect the car after a night out last night. I wanted to hit it fairly hard but my legs were dead from the start. I managed to maintain a decent enough pace but I had to work for it.  54 mins (3.47’s). First bit of speed work in a long time.

Thats 122km’s for the week compared to 73km’s last week, 60km’s the week prior and just 37km’s the week before that.

I’ve been strengthening my hamstrings using the swiss ball and I think that has been making all the difference. I just need to make this part of my daily habit. 

It feels great to be making progress and I can again start to looking forward to C2K and the training involved to get me there. 

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