Injury Update

Well since I last posted on the 4th July I have had some progress.

On the 6th July I did a 15km trail run 15 minutes running and 5 minutes walking. I started getting sore after around 13km’s though which was disappointing. I followed that up with a 10km bush walk the next day with some soreness in my hamstring.

I took most of the next week off running and just hit the weights – avoiding leg weights though. On the Thursday I hit the treadmill and did 10km in 43 minutes with no soreness and followed that up on Friday with another 10km in 47 minutes. During the week I had also been lots of hamstring stretches and strengthening exercises on the swiss ball.

I booked myself in on the Friday to see the knee specialist who seemed pretty confident that it was Pes Anserine Bursitis. He did some dry needling in my hamstrings and hip area then taped me up.

Taping wraps all the way around

Taping wraps all the way around

He also taped up my back near an insertion point. He then instructed me to run the same trail as I had done the previous week so we could gauge if this taping technique would work.

I ran the 3m or so to the trail head and then met up with Phill to do an out and back. We kept it steady and comfortable and I made it back to the car with no pain really, just a minor twinge. This was 15km’s. I then decided I would run home as it was mostly uphill and uphills seem to be fine. The minor pain I did have went away and I finished up with 18.84km in 1hr 45 (5.37’s). I was dead chuffed!

Today I met up with members of my Oxfam Trailwalker team to pick up some kit from out sponsors Newton Running, GU and Nathan. I’ll talk about the stash in another post but after collecting my new kicks I couldnt wait to test them out so I ran down to the trail head at Lane Cove National Park and did the River Run which is a nice fast trail. There and back is 23km’s. I probably ran this a little too aggressively given the long run yesterday but the new shoes were so bouncy and fun. I was feeling some knee pain after about 19km’s which went away whilst standing at the traffic lights then came on again a few hundred meters later. Not enough to stop me running but I called it quits at 22km’s (1hr 41,   4.37’s) and walked the rest of the way home. My knee didn’t bother me when walking. I would take this as a positive result given I was in pain after 12km last week. Taping is definitely helping.

The plan for the rest of the week is to run home from work and maybe a couple of treadmill runs in the morning at the gym. I’ve got a follow up appointment with the Knee dude on Friday and then Saturday I will be on the Trailwalker course for a couple of hours hopefully.

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