Run home – rehab style

After yesterday’s diagnosis I decided to run home this evening. The plan was to take it very very slow and do 10 minutes jogging then 5 minutes walking and repeat. 

I thought this was going to be pretty boring but actually it was fine. I was just pleased to be running outside. The 5 minutes walking went by quickly and didn’t really bother me. I need to be sensible. 

I was quite surprised with the time when I got home. 11.40km in 1hr 2 (5.28min/kms). Given the walking and slow speed I thought it would be much slower. This got me thinking, it might be worthwhile employing a similar pacing strategy at C2K in December – afterall a 6 minute pace would break the course record! 

Definitely for my longer outings later in the year I might start throwing in some walking breaks. I walk super quickly anyway but it would be good to train properly. 

Run home again tomorrow night  in the same way. Fingers crossed I’ll come through it unscathed.

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