Injury Update – Per Anserine Bursitis

Yesterday I decided to have an MRI scan on my left knee after running pain free on the treadmill for the week ( no more than 8km – too boring, but at a good pace and incline). On the Sunday I was feeling confident and took my legs out for a spin on a local 13km trail/road loop.

I probably was a bit too eager and was averaging 4.20’s but enjoying the run when after 10km or so I felt my knee twinge in the sore spot. So I stopped and walked it home. Probably a 3 out of 10 pain wise. But enough was enough so thought I’d get it scanned. 

Strangely, on the way home with my knee in pain I put my fingers deep into my hamstrings and the pain stopped. I did this all the way home and then did a little internet searching…

Good news is there is no bone stress or stress fracture. Also nothing wrong with the ligaments and tendons. 

My trip to the physio to go over the scans confirmed my diagnosis after spending Sunday internet searching – Per Anserine Bursistis. Basically inflammation of the bursa where the hammys insert into the knee. Brought on my hamstring tightness and weakness – and downhill running. 

Anyway, i’ve been told I can run until i feel pain then i need to ice and take anti-inflammatories and slowly build up. I’ve been given exercises to strengthen the area so hopefully I’m back on track  and will be good for Oxfam Trailwalker.

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