Injury Update

In my last post just over 2 weeks ago I mentioned that I had been advised to check myself in for an MRI scan on my knee. Well, I didnt bother as I thought whatever it shows i’m going to need to rest it for a bit to settle the pain down.

I took 2 full weeks off running and just did weights instead but not on my legs as that wasnt advised. 

The Sunday just gone I thought I’d ease back into the running. I’ve started out just on the treadmill so if I  feel even a slight twinge I can stop immediately. 

I did 5km’s uphill fairly slowly with no pain at all. I then hit the treadmill on Monday and did the same, again no pain. Tuesday was 7km on the treadmill at a faster pace, 3.45min/km at times with no pain and then it was 8km this morning on the treadmill. 

So far so good. I’ll continue to run indoors until Saturday where I plan on a 13km trail/road run at an easy pace. Providing that goes well I’ll probably do it again on Sunday with a few laps of the park to get it up to 15km. Then next week I’ll resume running home from work again. This I cannot wait to do as i’m sick to death of waiting to squeeze onto a slow bus after work. This cant come soon enough.

I need to be sensible and not increase the distance too quickly but one day during the week I’ll look to take myself off to Centennial Park for a few laps to do a 20km+ run. Fingers crossed all goes well and i’ll be ready to rumble for Trailwalker.


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